Payment, credit or cash card: how to pay securely abroad?

Paying abroad is easier than ever, whether you go on vacation in the eurozone or not. Payment card, credit card, cash: with these tips, you can make your payments in the smoothest and safest way possible.


Tips for your credit card

credit card

Your payment card is the perfect way to make payments during your vacation. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Before you leave, make sure you have enough money in your current account to pay for your vacation expenses.
  • Check the amount and currency before approving a payment. It is only after that you enter your PIN code.
  • Even abroad, your code must remain secret. Be discreet when making your payments and make sure no one else is watching.
  • Don’t you trust a vending machine? Turn away from it and look for another one, perhaps via the online ATM locator. Don’t get distracted when withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • You are going on vacation outside the euro zone. You will then pay a fee for any withdrawal with your card.
  • If you pay for a product with your bank card outside the euro zone, costs will also be charged.


Tips for your credit card

credit card

A credit card is the ideal addition to the payment card for any holidaymaker, especially if you are traveling outside the euro zone.

  • Before your vacation, check whether your spending limit is sufficient. This is not the case? Ask for an increase in the spending limit of your credit card (subject to acceptance of your file).
    Another solution is to transfer an amount from your current account to your credit card account so that its balance is sufficient. When traveling, you may also encounter unexpected expenses or need these amounts for the guarantees required by hotels or car rental companies.
  • Are you planning to rent a car, motorhome or motorbike at your vacation spot? You can use your credit card for the deposit. This amount will then be ‘blocked’ pending the return of the vehicle in good condition.
  • Voting does not prove your identity. Do not show it to anyone, even if asked with the best of excuses. Make sure you always have official IDs in your pocket. A merchant might ask for these when paying with a credit card.
  • Do you use your credit card to pay at a store, restaurant or bar? Make sure you never lose your eye chart. You will thus avoid many embezzlements.
  • More and more often, a code will be required for payment with a credit card. For the rare payments without code still in use, always check the amount written on the stump and keep it carefully.
  • Always take account of the costs recorded when paying with your credit card at a merchant outside the euro zone.
  • If you use your credit card to withdraw money from an ATM, there will also be additional charges .
  • If you are booking a cruise, check under which flag the boat is sailing. Transactions on board will be carried out according to the rules of the country of the flag. Your credit card must therefore be accepted there. Best Bank cards ensure you are almost everywhere in the right: only Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and South Sudan are not listed as ok.
  • When you return, check your accounts. Check that the amounts are correct and that undue additional costs have not been charged for transactions abroad.
  • Did you know that your credit card offers additional advantages when you encounter a setback during a trip? Best Bank credit cards are always accompanied by one or more insurances which, under certain conditions, will cover, for example, your journey, your luggage, an accident abroad or even your purchases.
  • Do you have a card that gives you discounts on your purchases, points or miles? These advantages also apply to purchases abroad.


Tips for cash

money loan

You will need cash if you leave the civilized world behind. However, it can also be interesting to have a little cash on hand to make small purchases.

  • Order foreign currency early in the bank. Opt for small denominations and change so that you can immediately pay the amount due.
  • Keep your money in a safe place. A belt with a hidden pocket, lockable compartments, is ideal. If you are a couple on vacation, consider sharing the cash.
  • Be discreet when paying with cash, especially on the street.
  • Do not overestimate the amount to take with you.
  • Count the change correctly after a purchase.
  • Pay attention to the exchange rate used when converting when paying in a foreign currency.
  • Many foreign locations now also allow contactless payments. Maestro and Mastercard authorize amounts up to USD 25, Visa, USD 20. It is a safe and convenient alternative to cash. Check if your card allows you: if you have a card with the contactless payment logo, that’s fine.

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